Due to storage issues we are unable to provide the remaining episodes of ATFS at this time. Please enjoy the first 11 episodes currently uploaded. We are working on uploading the remaining 27 episodes. 


In 2008, Australian FM radio station Triple M allowed popular talkback host The Spoonman (Brian Carlton), in addition to his on-air programs four nights a week, to publish a non-for-broadcast podcast with his two “pets” (or offsiders – tech guys on the show) Odie and Garfield.

The After The Forking Show (ATFS) podcasts were very popular as they were completely free-range, with the guys just talking about whatever came up – what was happening in their lives or in the news, and just generally, either nothing or stuff. The podcast was described by the guys and others as offensive, completely free-range, rude, crude, disgusting, dirty and sexist. Most of these adjectives are listed in the verbal warning done by Spoony at the beginning of each episode.

Most episodes ran for about an hour, give or take. Popular topics that came up regularly:

  • Odie accused of being gay, which led to Odie and Spoony later accusing Garfield of being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)
  • The pets often bag out Spoony for his love affair with his cat, Shadow (which became known as Tinkerpig) and Kylie Monogue
  • Mac (Spoony) Vs PC (Garfield)
  • David Hicks
  • World Youth Day
  • Odie’s various challenges (lol)
  • Bagging the crap out of Scientology, and religion in general
  • Bagging out Kevin Rudd

The boys are also joined by two female guests in three episodes – Bron (ep 20, 21) and Renee (ep 31). In addition to the 39 episodes, the pets did a shorter ATFS of their own one week when Spoony was too sick. It was later taken down by management as it was deemed too inappropriate at the time, which was really saying something. That episode is avaliable along with the others, thanks to it being downloaded before it was taken off the Triple M website. It lies inbetween episodes 2 and 3, and is well worth a listen 😀

The Spoonman Show, as well as the ATFS podcasts was axed in late 2008 and has since not returned to air, although Spoony currently read the news during the day and the morning breakfast show The Grill Team from 2009 until 2012. In late 2012, Triple M announced that Spoony’s contract with Triple M will not be renewed for 2013. We eagerly await for Spoony’s next adventure!

This site is dedicated to the ATFS podcasts, as they were such fun to listen to. I hope that this site brings some old gang back to re-listen to them if they have lost the original recordings, as they really are some gold podcasts. Hopefully some new fans will stumble accross this site and get converted (although I’m not sure Spoony would like that I used that word :P).

In memory of Spoony, Garfield, Odie and the ATFS – the golden days of Triple M (outside of High 80’s!)


April 2012


Please note that the ATFS podcasts were given a rating of MA15+. Please do not listen to them if you are under the age of 15. The guys did however give it an unofficial rating of R18+.


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